The Office (US version)


The Office: best comedy on television? Probably. To be honest, there really isn’t too much competition in that category excluding maybe Scrubs, Campus Ladies (yeah, I said it) and 30 Rock (although I can’t really make a judgment in terms of 30 Rock. I’ve only seen the first few episodes, but so far so good. Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan are pretty damn funny.)

Okay. Back to The Office, which had an amazing first and second season – season one was so short, though, that season one and two are closer to being one long season. In any case, the show was off to a great start – funny, clever, everything… good stuff.

The best part of the show was that it wasn’t anything like the UK’s Office (not that I dislike the UK’s version… great stuff, it’s what made me start watching the US version). Of course it had the same premise (sort of), but it was very unique. Really, the only similarity was the pilot, but then the US version just took off in its own direction, which it had to given the US’s Office planned on being longer than a season and a half.

Being both funny and unique (from its UK counterpart) gives it big points in my book, because who wants to watch the same show twice just with different accents?

Now the show is in its third season and, well, it’s only gotten better.

There could be some complaints with this season: it’s too dramatic now… more like a soap opera than a comedy show. I could see that, maybe, but I’d take it with a grain of salt. The show had to create some drama (silly as it was) in order to create a base for an even better and funnier show.

This season has really got me hooked (maybe even more that Lost,,, whoa!). It’s not your average comedy, storylines develop and create an atmosphere for better and better humor. The cast is amazing (another thing I love about this season: they’ve added so many new characters, which creates more tension, weirdness and what not). The show isn’t stagnant, in fact, it’s the opposite: stagNOT? Yeah. Stagnot.

If you haven’t been watching The Office get off your ass, get the DVDs, sit your ass back down and watch.

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