Blades of Glory


I saw Blades of Glory last night and my reaction was some variant of “hmmm?” I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

To put things in perspective, though, I did go and see Hot Fuzz the night before. I think any comedy I saw after that would have evoked a “hmmm?” response.

Things I liked about Blades of Glory:

1) Star-packed (in a good way)

2) “Chazz” feels kind of distinguishable from other characters Will Farrell has played. It’s like Will Farrell took a “chill pill” or something. It’s really one of the few movies I’ve enjoyed in which Will Farrell was a central character.

3) Jon Heder wasn’t Napoleon Dynamite on ice.

The positives could probably be placed in an “it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, because…” box.

What I didn’t like:

1) It felt like any other movie Will Farrell has been in, just a bit better. I know this may seem like it contradicts with number two on my “what I liked list,” but Will Farrell’s character was mildly different, the movie wasn’t.

2) Felt like a really long montage.

I’d give the movie a watch if you’re really, really bored, but in the end it’s just a shrug and a “hmmm?” away from anything else Will Farrell has done recently.


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