“Owl Pellets”

Hi there, I’m Evan. This is my first post, so I figured I’d make it a bit of an introduction. I would have posted sooner but I’ve been trying to upload an avatar which hasn’t worked out, as you can see. You may also have noticed that Bob basically got this site up and running on his own. FYI, I know about as much about managing and designing a website as Michael Bay or Uwe boll knows about directing, i.e. not very much. However, I think that Bob and I will put together a great site nonetheless…

Owl Pellets will probably consist mostly of movie news and reviews, since that’s honestly what we’re most interested in. If you’d like to know how into film we are, I can recite most of the dialogue to “Amelie” despite not speaking French, Bob has not one, not two, but THREE “Kill Bill” posters on his wall, and I’ve had a countdown on my desktop to the release of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” since it was over 272 days away. If you’re still reading we’re also going to have a music section filled with reviews, news, lists, and the like. I listen to everything from The Roots to Black Sabbath to Björk (yes, I can type the ö), and I’ll probably be doing most of the posting in that section being that Bob actually owns a Crazy Town album, but then again I’m in a Creed cover band so the music section’s pretty much fucked anyway. Also expect some artwork, videos, and music from us and our closest friends.

We hope you like the site, please feel free to comment with criticisms, praise, arguments, and so on. This should be fun…


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