Go Pigeon! Go Pigeon!

Pigeon John

Pigeon John: not only one of the best hip-hop acts out there, but one of the best acts out there, period. I have seen Pigeon John in concert three times now and I have never been let down – far from it, in fact. Pigeon John brings an amazing energy to his shows and, simply put, is an incredible showman. He impresses and inspires the crowd to have a good time and let go.

Even if you’re not a fan of hip-hop you will enjoy seeing this man perform and you should see this man perform.

He’ll make a fool of himself on stage while making everyone in the crowd feel like a fool too. Once this happens, everyone let’s go and enjoys the show, because no one has anything to lose – everyone feels like a happy ass.

He interacts with the crowd in a genuine way using hugs, mockery, compliments and high-fives. And, most likely, you’ll get to see the “Pigeon Dance” if you go to the show… you’ll just have to scream “Go Pigeon!” over and over in order to see it. Oh! He also argues with God, who wouldn’t want to see that?

Pigeon John is a must see show – he’s usually an opening act, but really shouldn’t be because he has a tendency to steal the show.

By the way, Pigeon John isn’t only a great performing artist, his music has a refreshing sound to it. It’s not your typical hip-hop. It’s more of an amusing and enjoyable mix of indie, hip-hop, techno and much more. So, I’d also recommend getting his albums

Pigeon John is one f**king cool nerd.



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