28 “Weaks” Later


I went and saw 28 Weeks Later last night, and let’s just say I was underwhelmed. When i first heard that a sequel to Danny Boyle’s fantastic and ground-breaking 28 Days Later was being made I was skeptical. Then I saw the reviews, which have been good, and I heard whispers that Boyle was so impressed by the sequel (28 Weeks Later) that he was considering making a third film. Of course I was excited. Then I saw it – pure crap.

I came out of that film feeling incredibly disappointed, in fact, it was more than that. If it hadn’t been for $8 I spent on the film and the fun I was having mocking the film – in my head and verbally, I think I would have walked out. Actually, I thought about walking out a few times.

If you are dying to see this film, then rent it and only watch the opening scene. The opening scene is spectacular… so good, in fact, that after the opening I thought to myself, “this film is going to blow 28 Days Later out of the water.” It didn’t.

The plot-holes are too numerous to name. The drama was cliche…. everything about the film was cliche. There were some cool action films, but they didn’t have a chance of saving the film. 28 Weeks Later feels like a soap about a family and here’s the twist: Dad’s a zombie!!! Pure crap.

I think Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (director of 28 Weeks Later) heard a shitty rendition of the 28 Days‘ storyline and visuals, then Fresnadillo ate that shitty rendition and pooped it out all over some film.

Don’t spend money on this movie if you liked the first one you will be disappointed. If you’re bored and want to watch a mediocre zombie flick then rent it… maybe.


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