Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End


I liked it and I know I’m in the minority, even within the group of friends I saw it with a few nights ago.

There is no arguing that the original Pirates was the best – so, the question comes down to whether the second of the third movie was second best… I’ve got to say that I thought At World’s End was better than Dead Man’s Chest. In other words, three was better than two.

To explain my feelings on the matter I am going to use a metaphor. If you don’t like metaphors turn away now.

Pirates was a tasty bowl of lucky charms – you enjoyed it even if there wasn’t much substance and you wanted more. Then some one ate that bowl of lucky charms (Pirates) and then vomited up the whole bowl of cereal back into it’s original bowl (the vomit being Pirates 2). The vomit was pretty and colorful, but you didn’t really want anymore lucky charms because of your loss of appetite and the vomit just smelled gross.

But then someone said, “come on, give the lucky charms another try…” and then cleaned the bowl out best they could and poured some safeway knock-off brand of lucky charms into the bowl (the semi-cleaned bowl and the knock-off lucky charms being Pirates 3). You ate the knock-off lucky charms and they were pretty good even though the bowl still smelled a bit like vomit and the cereal wasn’t quite as good as the original.

So, there you have it: Pirates was a tasty bowl of cereal; Pirates 2 was a colorful bowl of vomit; and Pirates 3 was a bowl of knock-off cereal that kind of smelled of vomit, but wasn’t… vomit.

If you have had any trouble following the above metaphor, I hope the following will help clear things up.


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