Rescue Dawn/Coming Up and Out Now

Rescue Dawn


A couple of nights ago I went and saw Werner Herzog’s Rescue Dawn and I thought it was pretty damn good. I wouldn’t call it an intimate examination of the human spirit even though that’s what you’d expect from a film of this nature. Instead, it felt more like a “here, this is what happened” film. It moves at a fast pace and thus it was difficult to fully immerse yourself in the characters’ situation, which was in and of itself mind-boggling. However, there are moments of brilliance that just grab you. And believe it or not, they don’t just come from Christian Bale. All the actors were phenomenal, but I was most surprised by Steve Zahn who really did an incredible job expressing the intensity of the story, both through comedic relief (no surprise) and impressive drama skills (surprise).

It is definitely a flick worth checking out because it’s an amazing story with great acting and some very powerful moments. I know I’ll be checking it out again.

Coming Up and Out Now

As the summer comes to a close I am reminded that there are still a few flicks that fit in the “summer movie” category that I have yet to see or have yet to come out. These are the ones I’m excited to go see:

Stardust – In theaters now


I may be a sucker for fantasy, but don’t be too quick to judge – it’s actually getting good reviews. Trailer.

Superbad – Opening this weekend


Nothing to complain about here, these guys just seem to be on a roll. Trailer.

The Last Legion – Opening this Weekend


I know this movie looks horrible and I know that more than likely it will be horrible, but I’m an absolute chump when it comes to anything even remotely related to an Arthurian tale. Trailer.

The following aren’t exactly what you’d call “summer flicks” and I’ll most likely have to wait till they come out on digital video disc to see them due to their limited release nature, but they are definitely on my “must see movies taht came out this summer” list.

Dans Paris – In theaters now


Looks inspiring. Trailer.

Once – In theaters now


It’s getting great reviews and it’s a musical. I’m intrigued. Trailer.

This is England – In theaters now


I’ve only heard good things and it looks incredibly intense. Trailer.

Rocket Science – In theaters now


Maybe it’s because I used to debate, but probably not. This movie just looks entertaining. Trailer.

2 responses to “Rescue Dawn/Coming Up and Out Now

  • maryann


    you should force evan to start writing articles!! you should make him write reviews on the movies once and sunshine, and also on bumbershoot (gabriel teodros, christa belle, sage francis, blue scholars, good medicine, andrew bird, devendra banhart — i’m telling you who we saw so that you can hold him accountable for writing a review on each one). he definitely has enough to work with, so start badgering him!!


  • mangold

    “once” was amazing, i may write something on that later.

    i liked your rescue dawn review too, who knew steve zahn could act?

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