Don’t let the rather questionable title fool you into not seeing this movie, because you will be making a big mistake. Stardust is a gem. I went into this movie thinking “it’ll have some fantastical settings that will be fun, but when it comes down to it it’s going to be a children’s movie that has a little to offer me.” I was dead wrong.

The PG-13 rating probably should have tipped me off, but who knows these days with how ridiculous the ratings system has become. In any case, Stardust is fun, clever, beautiful, enchanting and has more to offer to an audience of adults than it does an audience of children, but neither audience need fear being disappointed.

The acting is great. Robert De Niro is especially entertaining as a flamboyant sky pirate who has his reputation as a bad ass to protect.

It is true that the movie’s plot could be messy at times, but that was truly an inconsequential problem.

Simply put: this movie is a lot of fun. It’s a whimsical fairy tale tailored for adults who aren’t afraid to go on a magical adventure, but still want a level of cleverness, sexual innuendo and brash humor.

I left the theater last night with a warm, fuzzy feeling and today I still have it.


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