“Superbad” is pretty super-awesome


Of course I was at Superbad opening night – it’s just taken me this long to post something about it. Superbad was funny and clever. More simply put: a very enjoyable two hours at the movies.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (writers of Superbad and Knocked Up) really know how to take an overdone, stale genre and revamp it. They took the slacker/hot girl love story and made it feel real and outrageous with Knocked Up – a real winner this summer… made me laugh and feel warm inside.

With Superbad they take the American Pie storyline and make it good. There were a number of times during the movie that honestly reminded me of experiences in high school – something fairly rare in most movies based in the high school world.

Worth the money, worth the time.


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