A delicious ‘Who-Dunnit’? (The question mark is correctly outside the quotes)

Did you love the first SAW? Were you on the edge of your seat, biting your fingernails down to the bone, and cursing your mother for birthing you into a world where such a terrifyingly clever film could ever exist? Out of sheer terror and surprise, did you slap your girlfriend across the face at that mind-blowing final twist?

Well, then, start calling your living room Baghdad because you’re about to be shocked and awed by this gut-wrenching sequel. Forget everything you used to know about twists. Bousman, writer/director, really takes a page out of Midnight Shah-mah-lah-bah-dah’s book, when he takes full advantage of the most shocking twist of all: an ending so disconnected with the rest of the film, it’s a guarantee you never saw it coming.

You’ll be reeling with hysteria as SAW 2 really pushes the envelope. Not only will it challenge your concepts of what makes a decent storyline or plot, you’ll be questioning what you learned in high school biology, by the end of this film. Better yet, you’ll finally understand what a waste of time conversation is when there are bats fitted with nails in the world. College jocks of the world unite! Why bother going to that Mickey communication class? Sit your ass down and fit that wooden bat with some rusty nails. Presto! Your very own ‘problem solver.’

There is a lesson learned: If a puppet asks you to ‘play a game’ and it involves ‘paying a price’ for reaching into a metal contraption that looks like an extra prop from the Wild, Wild West, prepare to totally freak out when your fourth grade crush who moved to Ohio is pushed into a pit of cyborg hippos.

Summarize this film in a sentence, you ask? When there’s no more room in Kindergarten, booty trapped houses become much more severe.

Can’t wait for SAW 3. I’m so glad I saved myself till all three were out, I’m busting at the seams with happiness pus.


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