The 2007 Summer Movie Awards

… and the winners are…

Serious/dramatic movie of the summer

3:10 to Yuma. A great western that delivers some amazing acting.


The movie that made me giggle the most

Superbad. A genuine comedic classic. It could be the Animal House of our generation.


The best feel good movie of the summer that you weren’t embarrassed to say “I feel good and happy inside” once you left the theater

Knocked Up. A hilarious comedy with incredibly heartfelt moments that hug your heart all over.


The movie I was really, really excited to see, but ended up not seeing because it looked so awful once teasers were replaced with trailers

Transformers. Way too long and looked like it belonged in the ‘boring’ column.


The movie I had the most fun watching

Stardust. I just can’t say enough about how entertaining this fantasy/fairytale film was.


The movie I didn’t expect to really enjoy, but ended up enjoying

Harry Potter 5. Thus far my favorite in the series


Best discovery this summer in terms of films that had been out for a while

Wizard People, Dear Reader. An incredibly funny narration of the first Harry Potter film. Easily found on youtube.


Best movie I got dressed up for

Live Free or Die Hard. It’s Die Hard 4!


Flat out favorite film of this summer

Stardust. Just check it out, I know you won’t be disappointed.



4 responses to “The 2007 Summer Movie Awards

  • Korn

    I finally saw Stardust (am seeing it now, also), and I understand your slight obsession with it. It’s a fantastic love story, and a beautiful movie. I’m a bit unsure of how content I was with ending, however — It seemed a bit forced, as happy a happily ever after it may be.

    Because Yvaine’s confession of love for Tristan included a small speech of how she would gladly give up her heart in return for his, I so wanted that to be a part of Lamia’s downfall in her attempt to kill her. I imagined Lamia trying to kill the star, and, because she no longer held her own heart, a star’s heart, was unable to gain immortality. I don’t know where the love story could have continued on from this point, had it actually been the case, but it would have created a more of a struggle for such a happily ever after.

    Robert De Niro created a wonderful bit of comic relief in a seeminly dramatic storyline, and it was a pleasure to see him help the youngsters on their way – Delightful, if not a bit over the top.

    The gaggle of princely brothers, dead, also added an unexpected comedy and opposition to the straightforward and serious couple of brothers, still alive. I looked forward to the scenes with these brothers and their funny commentary to the life happening in front of them.

    A wonderful movie.

  • robfunk

    “I imagined Lamia trying to kill the star, and, because she no longer held her own heart, a star’s heart, was unable to gain immortality.”

    That would have been pretty damn sweet in terms of an ending. But I have to say that I was pretty content with the whole thing, obviously. It was a great mash-up of comedy, fantasy, sexual innuendo, drama, etc.

  • lkorn

    Watched Harry Potter again… So damn good.

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