Olympia Film Festival: Opening Night, Outsourced, and The Job


Last night I attended the opening night of The Olympia Film Festival where good times were to be had and were, in fact, had. The night started out with a street party outside of the Capitol Theater, which included live music, dancing, dancing with fire, arts of varying sorts, etc. It was a pretty captivating atmosphere.

The festival opened with two films: The Job and Outsourced.

The Job, which ran about four minutes in length, was a hilarious short about a group of well-dressed business people loitering outside a luxurious office building hoping to be hired by a man in a truck. The man in the trunk is of Mexican descent or is at least meant to represent a massive group of people many Americans would refer to as “Mexican.” In a matter of minutes I laughed myself silly. It’s worth getting a hold of if you can.

The Job was then followed by Outsourced. Here’s the synopsis of Outsourced: “Todd, a manager for a Seattle call center of a company marketing plastic kitsch items to the lower and middle classes, has just found out that his entire department has been outsourced to India. Given the opportunity to stave off unemployment for a little while, he agrees to travel to India to train the replacement staff.”

Outsourced was pretty predictable in terms of its storyline, in fact, there was little to nothing original in its method of story-telling. It was a feel good movie that had some gorgeous moments in it. In the end, this story won’t change how you see outsourcing and it won’t strike you as amazing, but I would put it a half-step above most other feel good flicks.

The movies were followed by a Q and A directed at two of the creators of Outsourced who attended the festival. There answers were pretty interesting, and according to them, NBC has signed for a pilot episode of a TV show adaptation of their film. They referred to it as “The Office goes to India.” Let’s see if that goes anywhere. I’m a bit skeptical.

After the Q and A there was more music, food, dancing, and things of that nature.

Opening night was a pretty good time, overall.


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