Oly Film Festival: Free Shorts I

This afternoon I attended part one of a five-part series of short films being presented by the Olympia Film Festival. The three shorts screened today were Habitat, World Builder, and I Hate Musicals.

Habitat (2006) was a 9 minute animated short from Sweden. It was okay, but I feel like could have easily been made by a youtuber. The short should have either been shorter or should have possessed more substance. Although Habitat was only 9 minutes long, it felt repetitive and drawn-out. 6/10, if you ask me.

Habitat was followed by another 9 minute short: World Builder (2007), which was spectacular. World Builder was both visually stunning and a poignant. It was a sci fi story of sorts. The synopsis is as follows: “Sim City comes to life as a man creates the perfect environment to observe the woman he loves” – 2007 Seattle Film Festival.

The viewer will truly be impressed with the dramatic visuals in World Builder, which are almost exclusively computer generated. World Builder is not merely a superb short, it is a superb film. ~9/10.


Still from World Builder. To see more visit World Builder

The final short screened this afternoon was I Hate Musicals (2006), which was directed by Stewart Schill, an Evergreen alum. I Hate Musicals was 20 minutes long and, in such a relatively short amount of time, managed to tell an entertaining story with a surprisingly large cast. I found myself laughing throughout most of the film – a pretty impressive feat for a 20 minute short. Some of the camera work could have been better, but the lighting and musical numbers made-up for it. 8-something, but very close to 9/10.


Still from I Hate Musicals. For more about I Hate Musicals visit I Hate Musicals


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