Oly Film Festival: Free Shorts III

Yesterday afternoon I went to the third installment of the Olympia Film Festival’s series of shorts, although I missed the first two shorts shown: The Last Block (2006) and Tyger (2006). I did get to see Lines (2007), Shipwrecked (2006), and Pierre (2007).


Still from Lines.

Lines (USA), a 10 minute short, left a lot to be desired, a whole lot. It was one of the most cliche, angst-driven films I have ever seen. I was honestly surprised when, during the credits, I discovered this film had been made by college students. It felt like something an angry sophomore in high school might have made, drawing much of its inspiration from a Good Charlotte album. Blah. Maybe a 3/10 for a brief moment of creativity.


Shipwrecked (Canada) also ran 10 minutes in length and was a fresh breathe of air following Lines. This short follows the imagination of a small boy on a beach and was creative and engaging. Additionally, it had a great score. 7/10


Still from Pierre.

The last short screened was Pierre (USA). Pierre, 7 minutes in length, and is about love, a sexy woman, and a mouse. It was hilarious and concise – something that would seem important in a short, but must be difficult to achieve given the surprising amount of excess in some of the shorts I have seen this week. 8.5/10


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