The Office: season four takes a turn for the better


Season four of The Office, with its promotional 1 hour long episodes, was starting to disappoint. The episodes were feeling forced – like two half-hour episodes were being smashed together; jokes were (and are) being recycled a bit too often; and I think I even caught The Office stealing a joke from Arrested Development. Suffice to say, The Office had lost some of its third season magic.

However, the last two episodes – “Branch Wars” and “Survivor Man” – have recharged my interest in the shows and I there is still hope. However, it seems like The Office writers are a bit lost right now in terms of where to go from here and a lot of retooling is needed, in my estimation.

Nonetheless, “Branch Wars” and “Survivor Man” made me laugh, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that the show has returned to its original length of a half-hour. I just want to get more third season storytelling, which means less stagnation, more funny, and a blast of creativity – I mean, even Dwight is starting to feel a bit stale.


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