Um. Fuck yeah.

Well, that pretty much sums up my review of Beowulf, but I’ll elaborate, even if it’s just for the hell of it.

I went into Beowulf with mixed feelings: on one hand I was really excited, because I like the story of Beowulf; on the other hand, the CGI (computer-generated imagery – seriously, some people still don’t know what “CGI” stands for) aspect of the film wasn’t blowing me away in the trailers and I thought it might make the whole story a bit cheesy. I was wrong.

This “cartoon” of sorts is one bad ass film. Not much is left to the imagination, excluding the creativity used to conceal Beowulf’s genitalia during his nude battle with Grendel. In any case, Beowulf is sexy and violent.

But if boobs and blood don’t get you excited, this still might be the film for you. The animation is incredible, honestly. The storyline is engrossing. The musical score is spectacular. The action sequences, the speeches, and the “acting” will shift the very ground beneath your feet.

Beowulf creates an awe-inspiring world, like nothing I’ve seen in years. I am admittedly a fan of fantasy films and the ultimate in this genre, many would agree, is Lord of the Rings. Well, Beowulf is the best fantasy film I have seen since The Return of the King.

I’m not sure what else to say… It’s ahhhhh-some.


PS I think I almost puked from excitement before Beowulf started. There was a new trailer for Cloverfield in addition to trailers for The Golden Compass, I Am Legend, and Sweeney Todd.


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