30 Rock/Recent Music Video Discovery


30 Rock

30 Rock is currently in it’s second season on NBC andit’s pretty great and incredibly funny. Now, I haven’t seen every episode, but I’ve seen most of season two, thus far, and part of season one. What I have seen is, like I said, great.

It’s genuinely “laugh-out-loud” funny. Alec Baldwin is especially impressive. The formula is almost flawless and allows for a level of exponential growth, in terms of the development of story. In a time when The Office just isn’t doing it the way it used to, the discovery of a show like this is even more welcomed.

Digression follows: I think the 30 Rock/The Office comparison exposes some very telling issues in relation to comedy series. The Office‘s greatest strength may be it’s biggest problem: people, including myself, love the fact that you can get invested in a comedy series – each episode builds on the last one. In other terms, there is an overarching story being told that is important to the comedy of the show. However, when story stagnates (e.g. the Jim/Pam story) the show suffers.

In a show like 30 Rock there are overarching story lines, but they’re made more subtle, so the chance of stagnation or the show getting lost in itself is significantly less likely. This isn’t the only reason to watch 30 Rock: it’s a really, really funny show that’s also very clever. I highly recommend it.

Kanye West: The New Workout Plan: Music Video

I missed this one, but I’m no longer missing it, I’m loving it. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out.


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