Golden Compass Rated PG-13

“Enhanced” image from The Golden Compass‘s website.

Our greatest fears have now dissipated: The Golden Compass is rated PG-13 instead of the rumored PG rating it was set to receive. And if you’d like to see some sweet, new clips from the movie, go here.

I should also note that Live Free or Die Hard just came out on DVD.. thumbs up.


One response to “Golden Compass Rated PG-13

  • Jessica

    Good. If the movie follows the book at all it needs a PG – 13 rating. Honestly, if the movie included all the important images the book conveys I’m sure it would need an R rating. Although His Dark Materials series can be found in the Children’s section, it is by no means a children’s book. Sure, it’s an easy read, but I think there are too many details included as means of explanation for a child to be able to comprehend the book completely. For example (and this is the most mild example I can think of), Lord Asriel compares Adam and Eve to imaginary numbers (the square root of a negative number).

    Now I’m sure the movie will not be so complex, but a PG-13 rating gives me hope that this movie (Trilligy I hope) retain at least a little of it’s original telling.

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