I first saw a trailer for Enchanted this past summer and, to be honest, I was less than excited, in fact, I thought it looked a bit lame – like it could be “cute” and a bit funny, but nothing worth spending $7+ on. Well, it’s the holiday season and Enchanted has been getting great reviews, so I actually went and checked it out. I’m glad I did and it deserves the positive reviews its been receiving.

The film’s strength lies in its clever, subtle parody, with the emphasis being on “clever” and, at times, “subtle.” The parody – mocking the whole Disney fairy tale thing, while, at the same time, embracing it – had me laughing in fits. Enchanted is a “sweet” story premised on Disney making fun of itself. The comedy is executed almost perfectly and the jokes don’t get tired. All and all, it’s a surprisingly “smart” flick.

Honestly, as I sit here, replaying the film in my head, I can’t help chuckling. So, I think that says a lot.



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