The Golden Compass: opening this freakin’ friday



It’s been getting some mixed reviews, but who cares? Honestly, GC could get torn apart (review wise) and I’ll still be there on opening day (or night, depending if there’s a midnight showing in the area… I need to check that out).


8 responses to “The Golden Compass: opening this freakin’ friday

  • Korn

    It was entertaining. Worth $7.

  • Korn

    Well… Maybe not.

  • lkorn

    This is quickly becoming the new Sweeney Todd thread.

  • mangold

    none of this makes any sense.

  • robfunk

    I’ve got to figure out how this happens…

  • mcdufrechou

    Good, you guys know about this. I was wondering what was good with this post getting such mad hits. In the last week: 350 hits (230 more than second place); In the last month: 1700 hits (1350 more than second place).

    In my mind, it has got to be one of two things:1. It’s somehow linked to something that people keep coming across, 2. It is somehow registering on some automated program that keeps bringing robots to owlpellets. I think it is likely the latter (at least OP hasn’t gone the way of the rocket forums)

  • robfunk

    I was looking into this… of course, robots visit this site, but I think it’s a combination of the two. The picture I used for this post has gotten a lot of traffic as of late… but yeah… also, our site is “out there” now. What I mean, is that since we’ve started posting a lot and tagging, etc. we’ve gotten more traffic, which, of course, brings robots, but oh well. WP is really good at blocking spam and robots. And if you notice, OP gets more and more traffic through WP tags, which people click on, etc.

  • lkorn

    This thread is back on top, it would seem, upping the stats tremendously.

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