The Golden Compass


It’s hard for a movie to live up to months and months of anticipation and excitement. The Golden Compass was good, just not great. If you’re a fan of the series, I’d recommend it just to see daemons running around, polar bear battles, and kick ass witches.

The Good:

It’s visually spectacular.

It’s got a some pretty epic moments.

Reader, the Ice Bear fight ends the way you want it to.

Sam Elliot is perfect as Lee Scorseby.

The subject of daemons, unlike some other elements in the film, were handled with a degree of subtly – for example, the relationships between daemons was presented clearly, but without too much”hey! here’s my dameon and you’re my friend so our daemons will play and cuddle and stuff, because I like you. Okay? Do you understand?” If you know what I mean

The Bad:

The pacing was off, way off. It moved too fast for its own good. It should have either further gutted the story of extended its playing time to three or so hours. This film’s pacing would have been much better suited for The Subtle Knife.

The ending of the book is cut (SPOILER) – you don’t see Roger die, Lord Asriel punch a whole into another world, and you don’t see Lyra enter that other world. It ends with a good little monologue from Lyra that sort of tidies things up, but I’m just not sure how to feel about the film’s ending.

Bottom line:

It’s fun, especially if you like the book. 7/10


2 responses to “The Golden Compass

  • evan

    agreed. i so hope it makes enough money for a sequel. *fingers crossed*

  • Ashley Powell

    Amen to that, I was so stoked on seeing this film…
    And actually got to this past weekend…
    but when it came to really getting to know the characters or the story,
    I gave up. Instead I allowed the visuals to take hold of me.

    Majority of the film consisted of me thinking:


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