Rumble Fish/Kenny Versus Spenny


Last night I watched a film called Rumble Fish (1983), by Francis Ford Coppola, for the first time. This film was so good that it nearly made me vomit all over myself. If you were like me and you haven’t already seen this masterpiece, well, then I’d recommend a change.


Don’t watch Kenny versus Spenny. It’s a show about two guys who battle for greatness or suffer humiliation by taking on challenges such as not using their arms for three days or “first to get a boner loses.” I gave it a few tries, but it really sucks. I kept hearing about how good it was, that is, when it was solely on the internet- maybe it was better before being put on Comedy Central. None of the jokes/pranks feel unique or genuine. They all seem to have been planned out weeks in advance and then poorly acted.

The two characters are cliche and… well, just don’t watch this show. It sucks. It’s an unimpressive, slow-paced, lackluster, bastard child of Jackass humor.


8 responses to “Rumble Fish/Kenny Versus Spenny

  • Seed

    Bullshit. The acting is genuine and hilarious, and the comedic timing is brilliant. After a couple episodes and getting to know the characters, one should easily be amused by the most honest depiction of male relationships (in their age demographic and below) ever filmed. They have almost a plethora of fans who aren’t all just teenage internet losers, and even my mom likes it. It’s not like Jackass in the sense that they don’t hurt themselves purely for physical comedy, and that it’s definitely smarter. The slow pace only adds to the sense of reality the show depicts, and the pranks or whatever you call them are, even if not always spontaneous, well thought-out and funny. You obviously either didn’t give this groundbreaking look at humanity and metaphor for mankind a decent enough chance, or you are too old to understand it.

  • robfunk

    Well, I can assure you that I am NOT too old to understand it. The issue here, is that ‘Kenny versus Spenny’ is one of THE most predictable, cliche shows that I have ever seen. To call it “ground breaking” is nothing short of ridiculous.
    There is nothing new about this show, expect for how unbelievable it is. When ever something bad happens – “surprises” – you can easily detect how predictable it is.
    You need to see a few more comedic shows before you claim to love this show – I think you will quickly change your take of this “comedy.”

  • Spencer Rules

    Old, young, male, female, native, or normal, anyone can appreciate this show. It is not planned out or acted. These are 2 genuine guys who between the two of them display almost every feature and/or characteristic of male behavior. It’s hilarious, and if I was one of those lucky bastards in the Make a Wish foundation, I would definitely be dying to meet those guys.

  • D

    Kenny vs. Spenny is utterly retarded and a waste of time

  • kenny

    kenny vs spenny is the best show ever and you can lick my balls if you dont agree

  • spenny

    how about you suck on a big veiny cock kenny

  • SirLancerlot08GTS

    How the hell in any way shape or form does that show seem fake to you? You honestly think is that Spenny is that good of an actor that he could “pretend” to be tripping on acid, dancing in the rain and shitting himself? If you knew the characters, you would know Spenny is nothing like that. This show is the ultimate “good vs evil” and it is totally genuine. But if you bothered to watch it more then twice or three times you would know this, instead you go rambling about how bad it is on the internet. Congratulations. You dont know shit.

  • robfunk

    I don’t question the authenticity of the “stunts” on the show, but it is an obviously scripted TV show.

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