Even in a zombie movie Will Smith is charming.

I Am Legend is the 2nd remake of The Last Man on Earth (The Omega Man was the first) and it also feels a lot like a remake of 28 Days Later. Except for a few minor details, I Am Legend and 28 Days Later are pretty much the same movie. The only big difference is I Am Legend’s huge budget, making for some pretty amazing shots of an empty New York City and some freaky CG zombies.

Despite the budget and premise though, I Am Legend is somehow kind of boring. Too many drawn out scenes with little happening, or with Will Smith reciting the dialogue to Shrek (seriously), not to mention all the flashback scenes which not only take you out of his current, more interesting situation, but leave absolutely nothing up to the imagination. If you haven’t seen 28 Days Later, see it instead.



10 responses to “I AM LEGEND

  • bfnk

    bummer. i’m still going to check it out though.

  • mangold

    it’s definitely got its moments. i’m curious to know what you think about it…

  • robfunk

    i have to say that i loved this movie, or at least really, really liked it. in my estimation, it may be one of mr. smith’s greatest performances to date.
    i’m not sure how you found it boring – i was either terrified, captivated, or masterfully made to feel the pain of smith’s character. the “drawn out” moments are what i feel made this movie and set it apart from the plethora of zombie-like films coming out as of late.
    the ‘shrek’ seem was a metaphor for what was about to happen – i thought it was rather clever.
    i could see the correlation between ’28 days’ if the first 10 minutes of that film had been made into a masterful hour and fourty minute film.
    my only complaint with the film is the very last scene – felt a bit cheap, but it didn’t manage to way down the rest of the film.
    9/10… you’re not alone in your disdain for this film, which is something i’m having trouble understanding.
    … you liked ’28 weeks later’… pfff 🙂

  • mangold

    well, agree to disagree. i didn’t hate the movie by any means, but definitely not very happy with it.

  • TrapperT

    Just saw this flick last night and I thought the first 2/3 was really good. Then I have to ask, what the hell happened to the movie? It’s like they fired all the writers and the budget was cut. From the moment the girl saves him from being eaten at the pier, it just tanked. What a horrible, cheap, lame ending.

  • robfunk

    i wouldn’t say that the last segment of the film was shit, but it definitely suffered from more flaws. whereas the first part of the movie, when smith is all alone, is almost flawless. i thought the end was a little rushed and like i wrote, i wasn’t very happy with that ending shot. but i didn’t hate the ending, it just wasn’t as perfect as the rest of the film.

  • mangold


    i have to agree with trapper, everything from the “last minute save” on is where I really got frustrated with the film. The pacing dies, all the great atmosphere disappears, and I personally didn’t care for the 2 characters they introduced, at all. They were awful actors, their dialogue was terrible, and their whole inclusion gave the film this cheesy and melodramatic feel, especially with the end. The film was great when it focused on Smith and the relationship with his dog, and the early scenes around New York were wonderful, but after that I think it really fell through.

    Bob, I just noticed that with the exception of 28 Days Later, we always disagree on zombie movies 🙂

  • Ashley Powell

    Is this article true:

    “While I tend to envy Mike Patton most for his expressive eyebrows, he’s also quite respected as a popular music vocalist. Björk, John Zorn, Melvins, Sepultura– he lends growls, howls, and a myriad of other vocal sounds to albums by all of them. And that’s not mentioning his own innumerable bands and side projects (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, etc.) Recently we discovered that Patton will provide the voice of the main character in a remake of the Bionic Commando video game, and it’s not even the first video game he’s done. (It’s not the last either, as next year he’ll also contribute vocal effects to Left 4 Dead.)

    But perhaps the Ipecac label head’s most high-profile– yet likely most unrecognizable– current project comes as the provider of voices for “the dreaded creatures” (according to a press release) in post-apocalyptic Will Smith vehicle/The Omega Man remake I Am Legend, which hits theaters December 14. Says the Ipecac website, “He is the voice of the creatures in the movie. That is right, the evil screams and howls coming from the ‘creatures’ will be courtesy of Mike.” You can get a little taste of that evil via the film’s trailer.

    Patton’s other film project next year marks his debut as a film composer. He has scored a black & white film noir short called A Perfect Place, which is about “a pair of bumbling friends trying to dispose of a body,” according to the press release. The movie will come as a two-disc CD/DVD package with Patton’s score via Ipecac in March.”

  • mangold

    yep, it’s absolutely true. can’t wait for “a perfect place.”

  • mcdufrechou

    I really liked this film. It had its flaws towards the end of it, but a pretty solid flick imo. I think Will Smith did a great job in the scenes depicting his growing insanity. Also, his relationship with sam really struck me deep (Sidenote Trivia: No one on the set or crew was allowed to pet or interact with the dog out of fear that she would become less attached to Will Smith).

    If you didn’t like the flashback in I Am Legend, you probably wouldn’t be fond of The Last Man on Earth or the Omega Man (another sidenote: Heston pulls off being crazy pretty well in the Omega man).

    This might sound ridiculous, but I’m going to go ahead and say while I Am Legend is very similar to many films in the Zombie genre it is not a zombie movie. I’d put it more in either an apocalypse or vampire genre.

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