Across the Universe

Across the Universe

I’ve noticed that Evan has commented on this movie, but as I just saw it in the theater yesterday and I like it so much I thought I’d write a little review on it:

Fricken’ awesome. I’ve already done my Christmas shopping, but I’m going to go buy a copy for my family.

I should preface with the facts that I love both the Beatles and musicals. So, I’ll try to begin as unbiased as possible.

The visuals were stunning, as was the choreography. Some of films first numbers were breathtaking like Prudence’s “I want to hold your hand” walking across the football field (Oh my!); The young boy’s “Let it be” beside a hallowed out car amongst Detroit rioting (Good golly!); and Max’s “With a little help from my friends” at Princeton (Atta boy!). All of these performances made me want to give ‘existence’ a high-five for letting me hang out.

Ok, plus, flat-out, fact not fiction, Beatles songs rock really hard.

Speaking more as a Beatles fan, the entire film was totally tubular. Everyone knows how legendary the Beatles are, but they don’t get enough appreciation for what they’ve done for modern western culture. Whether the Beatles impacted or described us (or both), I don’t know. I will say though that the ‘Average Joe’ has got more Beatles in him than the bill of rights, the ten commandments, or the twelve step program; even if he doesn’t know it.

Well, now that I may have offended politicos, religos, and booze-Os, I’ll get to my point. Across the Universe tells the truest tale there is. Yeah, it’s the oldest story in the book, boy leaves home; makes friend; falls in love with girl; has falling out with girl; has epiphany; gets girl back. It’s predictable because it’s a gosh-darn heart-warming classic of a tale. With a Beatles soundtrack, Across the Universe has the ability to resonate with anyone.


6 responses to “Across the Universe

  • mcdufrechou

    Here’s what I don’t get. A lot of the people who loved Moulin Rouge have told me they hated Across the Universe. I don’t get it.

    Midget John Leguizamo / Toulouse Lautrec can s my d. Cookoo shave mada, whatever! oooo-oooo The Police! Elton John! yeah, they’re good, but, still, whatever.

  • evan

    i loved moulin rouge and didn’t care for across the universe. the visuals and music were wonderful, but some of the acting/dialogue was horrendous, especially the overly cheesy ending. as for moulin rouge, i don’t think it suffered at all from bad dialogue or acting at all.

    also, bono’s cameo was awful, imo, but that’s partly due to my bias against him, he always comes across as such an egomaniac. but otherwise i agree, it’s very enjoyable and there’s non-stop eye candy.

  • evan

    max, have you seen sweeney todd? what did you think?

  • mcdufrechou

    I have not seen Sweeney Todd, but I’d like to go see it.

    I liked Moulin Rouge too, mostly joking about John Leguizamo. I don’t like its pacing though. I had the same problem with Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. Like a middle schooler running the mile, they hit the ground running then get real slow, from stylized to slightly more than typical.

  • bfnk

    loved the review – made me go from not wanting to see it at all to interested in viewing it. maybe when i get back you’ll let me take a look at that dvd you’re planning on buying. you’re the only person i’ve talked to who didn’t say they ‘hated it’ or ‘liked most of it, but not all of it.’ giving existence a high-five does sound pretty sweet.

  • poop masterpoop


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