Happy Holidays from Owl Pellets


Merry Chrismas from all of us here at Owl Pellets. I recommend you curl up with some egg nog and watch only the two best Christmas films of all time: Die Hard and Die Hard 2: Die Harder; Max would most likely recommend Jingle All The Way; Evan? Maybe the Christmas scene in the first HP when Ron gets the sweater and HP gets the ”you can’t see me” dress?

Have a great 25th. And, if you don’t celebrate cut-down-pine-tree day, well, I still hope you have a great 25th.


4 responses to “Happy Holidays from Owl Pellets

  • evan

    ahh, you know me so well 🙂

  • mcdufrechou

    “That’s about as funny as Sinbad – not the comedian, he’s hilarious; the sea-faring adventurer. Then again, he was never meant to be funny.” – Peter Griffin, saying the funniest quote on Family Guy, imo.

    What happened to Sinbad, anyway? He was fricken, crazy hilarious.

    Merry Christmas.

  • robfunk

    so check this. he was in tacoma, wa recently. how do i know this? well, i’d constantly here a radio advertisement for his upcoming show and the featured joke was hilarious:

    ”i don’t understand, gramas always have money, got no job… ”

    honestly made me crack up everytime i heard it.

  • mcdufrechou

    That settles it.

    I’m announcing, that at some unannounced time I’m showing up at your house in Olympia. It may be day; it may be night. It could be a school night; it could be the weekend. You may have a girl in your bed; you may be molesting a young Peruvian boy. I don’t care. I’m showing up with an assortment of booze and drugs, which will be consumed during the watching of any number of great Sinbad films; Houseguest, First Kid, Jingle All the Way. Who knows?

    Consequently, my hand is forced to this question: Could you email me your address?

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