avp r

It’s what AVP should have been.

You’re probably not going to rent a wood chipper to obliterate your old Sci-fi collection, but it’ll be an hour and a half well spent. AVP R is what it is, an alien-monster mash-up directed by two special effects specialists. Speaking of the Brothers Strausse, they did the fx for X-men, Superman Returns, 300 (more and more). This is their first feature film.

The movie is pretty studio-ized. It’s more of a “Holy cow, special effects in my face!” than the first AVP’s “Buy some pepsi and watch some bullshit go down in a cave.” Thank God it is rated R. Honestly, whose bright idea was it to make AVP (1) PG-13? I’m not going to pay a hooker to play rock paper scissors.

AVP R uses its rating well. It doesn’t hold back any punches, and I love it for that. I’d recommend this film.


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