Based on the book by Ian McEwan. Directed by Joe Wright. Written by Christopher Hampton. Stars James McAvoy, Keira Knightley, and Saoirse Ronan. Scored by Dario Marianelli.

Atonement is the tragic, romantic tale of two lovers’ struggle to be together before and during World War II. It’s an incredible story, and though I have not read Ian McEwan’s novel, this seems to be a wonderful adaption. There are many moody and psychological undertones throughout, and they do a great job of conveying them through the great acting and the haunting, Eyes Wide Shut-esque score. Saoirse Ronan, who plays Briony Tallis at age 13, is especially amazing and is easily one of the best child actors I’ve ever seen.

Though it will be lumped into the war/romance genre, I think Atonement is far better than Cold Mountain and even, dare I say it, The English Patient. It’s worth a try regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the subject matter. But beware, it’ll move even the most emotionally hollow. Prepare to have your heart wrenched!



5 responses to “ATONEMENT

  • robfunk

    Atonement? More like “Bone a Mint.” Jk. I wasn’t really expecting much of this movie, except for it to be not very good. This is a suprise.

  • Korn

    Having read the book, my expectations for the film were sky high… Admittedly, I was let down, but I still enjoyed it. 8/10.

  • mangold

    that’s funny. i hadn’t read the book, and so my expectations were actually fairly low, and so i was pleasantly surprised. lauren, did you ever see pride and prejudice? it’s by the same director, i haven’t seen it yet…

  • Korn

    I have seen Pride & Prejudice… I haven’t read the book, however, and I think, because of this, I may have even liked it more than Atonement (though I like A’s story line better).

    (I apologize for the incoherence of those sentences.)

  • Korn

    I am completely in love with this story. I’m sticking with my original 8/10 – I think it’s a fair critique. I think I would probably give the novel a 9, so in reference to my previous critique of being a little let down by the movie’s portrayal, but realizing that it was beautifully made and well-acted, it’s a compromise.

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