Charlie Wilson’s War


After an incredibly disappointing fall of politically oriented films (The Kingdom, Lions for Lambs), Charlie Wilson’s War is a breath of fresh air, with the emphasis being placed of “fresh.”

Mike Nichols directs an original film (not that I should have been expecting much less) about a historical event – not exactly a simple task. The film accomplishes this by throwing you into rather unfamiliar territory – it’s a serious film about a serious subject: the US-backed Afghan resistance to Soviet invasion; but the movie possesses an odd humor accompanied by moments of pure slapstick, like when three Afghans first shoot down a Soviet helicopter. The pacing of the film is almost surreal in how original it feels.

Nichols’ spectacular directing finds company with its spectacular acting. Tom Hanks preforms one of his best roles (if you ask me) to date and get this: I think the same goes for Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Enough said? I thought so.

This film delivers.



5 responses to “Charlie Wilson’s War

  • evan

    i gotta say, i would’ve given it maybe a 7.5/10. i really liked it, don’t get me wrong, but i have my criticisms. i shall post more later. seymour hoffman is crazy good, though.

  • Korn

    I have yet to see CWW, but I recently saw The Savages, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney play siblings as if they were each other’s. Entertaining with pretty ill poster art. 8/10.

  • Korn

    Ok, so I finally saw Charlie Wilson’s War, and although I disagree with your rating, Mr. Funk, of 9.5, I half-heartedly agree with you on the film’s direction.

    I think the seriousness of the situation of which the film addresses is fairly well-balanced with the intentional comedy that is placed within, but there certainly are moments in which the film could have benefited from a more drama-focused eye.

    The acting is there — the film would not be what it is without P.S. Hoffman, and I think Hanks played Wilson’s character very well. I’m kind of undecided about Roberts’ role, but as I said, most/all of the actors were well-cast. I’d probably give the movie an 8/10.

  • Korn

    Scratch that — 7/10.

  • mangold

    pretty much in agreement. i though hoffman was the only *great* aspect of the movie.

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