The Savages

I thought I’d write this first post as quickly and painlessly as possible. Here it goes…

Director: Tamara Jenkins, Producers: Fred Westheimer, Alexander Payne, and Jim Taylor.

This movie hasn’t been given enough publicity – at least from my perspective. Save for the sporadic movie posters one will see around most downtown areas, and in and around the movie theaters themselves (as well as my wall), this film seems to have been promoted very little… Which is a shame because the duo that is Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney is wonderful as the siblings Savage.

After the adult duo, Jon and Wendy, is confronted with the happenstance of their father no longer having a place to live, humorous but oddly silencing scenarios arise. Said situations darken the film to the extent that I was questioning my own reactions and wondering how I myself would handle any similar lifestyle-altering changes.

Both Hoffman and Linney, as the Savages, balance their own disconnected and emotional lives with an understated humor that is more surfacing in the staged living rooms and New England houses, as well as the siblings’ emotional life ruts, than in the film’s more obvious dialogue.


I found issue only with the fact that there wasn’t a lot of breathing room with the storyline, merely following it as it, for lack of a better comparison, flat lined between segments of smile-worthy life… But such is life, indeed.

Expectations exceeded. 8/10.


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2 responses to “The Savages

  • max not logged in

    Woah, LAUREN! Great (first?) post! I’ll definitely check it out.

    Why am I the last to know about Lauren joining owlpellets? Robert, Lauren, I’m looking at both of you. What? You forgot my phone number, email, etc? Sheesh.

  • evan

    awesome lauren! i’m glad you decided to join, this is exciting!

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