Vampire Weekend (‘Cause We’ve All Had ‘Em)

For a while now, Vampire Weekend has been on my Top Played iTunes Smart Playlist (“Repeat-Worthy Songs”, if you’re interested in the re-naming of things). Given the pleasure of hearing the album months previous to its national and international release (today, January 29th), I’ve tested the waters that this new band is swimming in.

I feel obligated to mention that the band was formed at Columbia University, though after reading other public reviews of the album and interviews with the band members, such a fact is overused, for one, and two, doesn’t matter. The guys are smart; their smartest move was dropping present obligations, plans, jobs, etcetera to pursue their mutual love of music, touring and, obviously, releasing their self-titled and first album, Vampire Weekend.

It’s poppy… Pop-py. And curiously catchy. Listen to the first song, “Mansard Roof”, and your curiosity is sparked. Decide to keep a’listenin’ and agree, yeah — You don’t give a fuck about the “Oxford Comma”; its funky and surprisingly simplistic beat is enough to convince you, and the lyrics make you forget that you cared in the first place (“All your diction dripping with disdain”).

Feel the influences, and dance to it, yeah? Feel the classics, appreciate them. Feel the rock, remember it. The band’s first album is a strong one, and if these guys can pull off a live show as well as they can pull off an introductory album, their future is a bright one, and contrary to their titled song, these kids do stand a chance.

Makes me feel like dancin’: 8.5/10

1. Mansard Roof 2. Oxford Comma 3. A-Punk 4. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa 5. M79 6. Campus 7. Byrn 8. One (Blake’s Got a New Face) 9. I Stand Corrected 10. Walcott 11. The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance


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