Arrested Development: The Movie?


There’s been increased talk about an Arrested Development movie. Alia Shawkat, who played Maeby on the show, confirmed the rumors that in a recent interview with TV Guide; the producers of AD have asked the entire cast if they’d be interested and the answer seems to be “yes”; and according to TV Squad, “no script has been written yet but… creator Mitch Hurwitz has a good idea of what he wants the movie to be like. Supposedly, Universal is interested in the feature and all cast members seem to have agreed to reprise their roles.” Hell, the film even has a IMDB page.

I’m not sure if I’m excited for this film or not. It could be great. It could be okay. I doubt it will be terrible. And the original series will always be perfect. I’ll just have to sit back and watch as things progress.


6 responses to “Arrested Development: The Movie?

  • Cliff Burns

    Our family watches very little TV–a friend sent us a complete season of “Arrested Development” on disk (we don’t have cable) and we were completely hooked. Now CBC TV here in Canada has been reprising the show at 5:30 in the afternoon and it’s still terrific after multiple viewings…

  • lkorn

    I’m stoked for this. Don’t you remember the cliff-hanger/teaser in the season finale where a film is alluded to? It’s going to be funny, but I don’t know how they’ll separate the movie from the series in format. How will they make the film seem like, just that, a film, and not another episode? The film is only going to be successful if references to the series and its events are placed within, but I’m curious to see how the writers will play on their knack for referencing jokes (set out in previous episodes) within the film. LIke I said, I’m stoked for this movie.

  • robfunk

    Lauren: I think you hit my misplaced feeling of discontent right on the head: one of Arrested Development’s greatest sources for humor is the fact that it builds on itself… how do they do this with a movie and make it feel like a MOVIE.
    I’m sure it will be good – seems like everyone is down for this project, but will it be up to par with the series? It’s probably too soon to tell. It’s not like anything could ever ruin the series for me.

  • mangold

    i’m excited. maybe i’m just a fanboy, but i’m not worried about it disappointing one bit. i’m sure it’ll be great.

  • Sanjay

    I’m sure it will be good seems like everyone is down for this project, but anything could every ruin the series for me all the best.

  • Tony

    I got to say I am very excited about this one. Am a huge fan of the show and the cast is great in all of there roles, (any show that can make me like and even empathize w. Liza Minelli has got to be brilliant) I am sure the movie will be great but not as epically funny as the series was, it is hard to transfer that kind of story-telling and momentum to the silver screen (see Trailer Park boys movie) anyhoo like I said excited.

    “He twice tried to microwave a ding-dong while it was still in the foil.”
    “Two times.”


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