Festival #0524 : Sasqatch! Music Festival


Strange to think of the birth of Sasquatch! as a literal thing. Yet, I can’t help but think of it as such when the creator of the festival, Adam Zacks, has been continually referred to as “The Mother of Sasquatch!” This once-small, rootsy festival is gaining both respect and attendees (50,000+) as one of the major national festivals beginning their annual season this Spring.

From the demise of most touring festivals (i.e., a once-touring Lollapalooza), Sasquatch! began in 2002, following Coachella as one of the first regional music festivals in the United States. The event, sponsored by the House of Blues every Memorial Day weekend since 2002, has been revered as an “indie” festival, but has hosted (and will continue to host) big names (that stray from the genre) such as The Cure and R.E.M. (2008), The Beasties Boys, Bjork, The Arcade Fire (2007), Nine Inch Nails, Beck (2006), Modest Mouse, The Pixies (2005), Built to Spill, Cat Power (2004), The Flaming Lips, Jurassic 5 (2003), and String Cheese Incidient (2002). With acts performing on three separate stages — The Main Stage, The Wookie Stage, and The Yeti Stage — festival goers can wander throughout the venue in continual earshot of the festival’s eclectic tastes in music. The Main Stage holds most of the bigger headliners and bears each nights’ larger (and more eye-entertaining, in terms of showy effects) performances (The Arcade Fire, The Pixies, Modest Mouse, The Beastie Boys), whereas the Yeti Stage is devoted to bands who call the Pacific Northwest their home, and the Wookie Stage houses the lesser known and [perhaps] up-and-coming artists.


Like many of the multi-day festivals, Sasquatch! also provides on-site camping, that offers quite the after party to each night’s performances. Plus, for those of you who know to which I’m referring, coming back to the HoneyBuckets every year is not only a smile-worthy deja vu, but also somewhat of a reassurance that you won’t have to watch your step (quite as carefully) while parading around tents towards your own in the wee hours of the morning.

Having been to Sasquatch! a few times myself, I can safely and happily say that this festival is one of the more intimate and that, with the promise of a TOBACCOSMOKESYOU.com snap-bracelet, a good time is certainly always guaranteed. The Columbia River Gorge, which, for those who give a hoot, is one of the most beautiful scenic concert venues in the United States.

Location: George, Washington (The Gorge Ampitheatre)

Date(s): May 24 – 26, 2008

Tickets: Sales begin March 8, 2008. First allotment – $56.50 per day (available for the on-sale weekend only). Beginning Monday, March 10, 2008 – $66.50 per day. Monday, May 19, 2008 – $76.50 per day (if still available). (A discounted 3 DAY TICKET is available for a very limited time for $154.50. Offer ends Sunday, March 9th at midnight.)

Camping: $40.00 per vehicle per day. There is now a 3 day value camping pass available through Ticketmaster ONLY for $100. The 3 day value pass is valid for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

2008 Artist Line-Up: (See “Sasquatch-Sized Anticipation!” here, or…) http://sasquatchfestival.com/2008/

Website: http://sasquatchfestival.com/2008/



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