Glimpse of Something New

When it comes to music, I get antsy, needing new music pretty much all the time. Sometimes, I get lucky, and am able to get albums months ahead of their release dates. This is not one of those times, but I’m hoping to release my anticipation for upcoming and future albums by making a list – a glorious list featuring artists and albums that will be released in the next months. So, from closest release date to the furthest (or perhaps unknown), here are the many albums I’m looking forward to; anticipate some updates, too!

Ghostland Observatory, Robotique Majestique. Truthfully, I’m downloading this album as we speak, but I thought it worth a mention anyway, given that it’s release date is this Tuesday, March 4th. G.O. is made up of “synth duo” Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner. Behrens, front man/guitarist and vocalist, is most obviously influenced by rock, where Turner, producer and drummer, pulls from electronic influences. Their music is good, and their live show is what will make this band a memorable one.

Del the Funky Homosapien, Eleventh Hour. I’m not sure what to say about this album but that I’m looking forward to it. From my perspective, Del’s kind of slipped out of the spotlight, but he’s back, eight years after the release of his last solo album – and it’s completely self-produced. It’s long overdue, and more than welcome. Release date: March 11, 2008.

DeVotchKa, A Mad and Faithful Telling. I don’t know much about this album, but now that I have some of their previous stuff under my belt (what a strange phrase, yeah?), I can realistically look forward to what their future albums hold. Release date: March 18, 2008.

The Kills, Midnight Boom. This band’s story interests me, probably, more than their music. But it’s because of their strange dynamics that I’m willing to give them a chance. Who knows… It could be the relationship of a lifetime. Release date: March 18, 2008.

Adam Green, Sixes and Sevens. Ever since the demise of The Moldy Peaches, any solo work produced by Green or Dawson sparks my interest almost immediately. Sixes and Sevens, from samples on MySpace, seems a bit (but not much) more tame than past solo releases, but all in Green’s individual style, of course. Release date: March 18, 2008.

Jay-Z, Black Chronic. I probably won’t buy or download this album (unless of course I do…), but I definitely would like to snag a listen. It’s a mixtape-type album, The Bash Brothers mixing Jay-Z and Dr. Dre. Sounds pretty intense, if nothing else. Release date: March 18, 2008.

The Black Keys, Attack & Release. After Magic Potion failed to live up to Rubber Factory, I’m looking for an outstanding release from these guys. Nothing they’ll create will disappoint, but I’d like to see them do something BIG. With producers like Ike Turner and Danger Mouse, perhaps such a thing isn’t too much to ask. Release date: April 1, 2008.

Sun Kil Moon, April. I know a lot of people disliked their Modest Mouse covers album, Tiny Cities, but I thought it a pretty strong follow-up to Ghosts of the Great Highway. Past opinions aside, I’m pretty excited to see what’s next, especially because I’ve heard next to nothing about the album as a whole. Release date: April 1, 2008.

Gnarls Barkley, The Odd Couple. Fairly appropriate title, I would say. These two have quite the path to follow after their first release, St. Elsewhere, but I’ve heard “Run”, and am already impressed. I have no doubt their second album will not disappoint. Release date: April 8, 2008.

The Breeders, Mountain Battles. Not to get into a slump with title comments, but what a cool title. Mountain Battles? Hardcore, yeah? I’m anticipating this album for the mere knowledge of their music. They’re out there touring, like many of these artists, and I’m looking forward to knowing what the hell they’re playing when I see them. Release date: April 8, 2008.

Spoon, Don’t Ya Evah? (EP) They’re on a roll, these ones. A quick follow-up to Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Don’t Ya Evah? has already gotten a lot of press. Like I said, these guys are on a roll… Oh, and perhaps my favorite part about looking up information on this band was the realization that Wikipedia has a page for the eating utensil. Hm… Release date: April 8, 2008.

Mariah Carey, E=MC2. Yeah. That’s right. A fan since the third grade. Kind of. Not really. But seeing that she had a new release headed our way sparked my easily-sparked curiosity. Oh, and funny that it’s taken her so many years (18) to find the letter connection between her name and the famous equation. Not that I did… But I feel like that would be one thing an artist such as herself would take advantage of early on. Wait, maybe not. That’s the kind of thing she would take advantage of later on in her career when she’s clutching at straws, needing to regain her audience… Kind of like The Emancipation of Mimi, only a little bit more straight forward. Release date: April 15, 2008.

Brian Jonestown Massacre, My Bloody Underground. These guys have managed to stay under the radar for most of their career, and although they received some publicity for their documentary-type film, DIG!, with band The Dandy Warhols, they just might stay there. Unknown to most though they may be, I’d put them up there with Electric Light Orchestra or The Polyphonic Spree. Big bands, a lot of sound. Release date: April 15, 2008.

Billy Bragg, Mr. Love & Justice. I haven’t really followed Bragg’s career since his collaboration with Wilco on Mermaid Avenue, but he’s out there, and a listen to his new stuff would be worth any time I have. Release date: April 22, 2008.

Death Cab for Cutie, Narrow Stairs. It’s Death Cab. Plans was alright – It had it’s highs. I have no expectations, really, so if the album is good, SURPRISE! If it’s not, they won’t have moved any higher or lower on my radar. Release date: May 13, 2008.

Ween, The Friends EP (EP) I’m automatically assuming this to be full (or an EP’s worth) of good music. Period. Release date: May 13, 2008.

Scarlett Johansson, Anywhere I Lay My Head. Spring must bring a hankering for something new, because here’s yet another actress-turned songstress. It may sound like I’m weary or bitter, but I’m only a bit weary. I’ve heard Johansson in her version of “Summertime”, and she’s not earplug-worthy – far from, really. Like my earlier-reviewed She & Him’s Zooey Deschanel, Johansson seems to be banking on classic styles of music to push herself away from bad reviews. I can’t say that goes for her album, though, so I suppose we’ll hope for a bit more. With collaborations from David Bowie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Stars Like Fleas, the album does have star potential. Oh, and did I mention the album is full of Tom Waits covers (save one Scarlett original)? Interesting, I’m sure. Release date: May 20, 2008.

My Morning Jacket, Evil Urges. I’ve heard very little about the album, save it’s co-production by MMJ’s Jim James and Joe Chiccarelli, who has produced The Shins, Brian Wilson, The White Stripes, and many others. I was a huge fan of their previous album, Z, and I’m hoping of their follow-up I will be just as much a fan. Release date: June 10, 2008.

Gnarles Barkley – “Run” (From The Odd Couple):

Ghostland Observatory – “Heavy Heart” (From Robotique Majestique):

Death Cab for Cutie – “I Will Possess Your Heart” (From Narrow Stairs):

(Please inform Owl Pellets of any YouSendIt files you’ve found that have expired. New links can/will be posted.)

Other 2008 Releases, Titles TBA:

Ambulance LTD
The Cure
Eagles of Death Metal
Jenny Lewis
MF Doom & Ghostface
The Postal Service
The Vines
Patrick Wolf
Wolf Parade


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7 responses to “Glimpse of Something New

  • mangold

    awesome post. i can’t believe scarlett’s made an album. wow.

    i’m pretty sure ween’s “friends” ep was released last year, but maybe this is a new one? i’ll have to look into that…

    i’m really hoping the long awaited new portishead album finally gets released. been waiting for that for years.

  • Korn

    I think you’re right about The Friends EP. I kind of thought I’d seen it before, but I don’t have it, so I didn’t know any better. But yes, I do believe it was a 2007 release… Perhaps it’s being re-released, too — I don’t know.

    Truthfully, I don’t listen to Portishead all that much. I should, I’m sure, and I did see it’s release advertised, so perhaps I’ll begin my Portishead experience now.

    Anyway, feel free to add any others that are coming out that might interest you… I scoured the interweb looking for news on it all, but I’m sure I missed something.

  • lkorn

    Ok, so I looked up The Friends EP, and according to Amazon, the 2007 release was an IMPORT, whereas this upcoming release is an official EP. I don’t know what these mean, ’cause I’m pretty sure they’re the same album… But that’s the differentiation I found.

  • evan

    hmm, weird.

    i’m going to listen to ghostland observatory once i get to a computer where i can use sound. i’ve got to hear them before sasquatch.

  • Korn

    Yes, please do… Sooo much fun to dance to.

  • lkorn

    Evil Urges:

    01 Evil Urges
    02 Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1
    03 Highly Suspicious
    04 I’m Amazed
    05 Thank You Too
    06 Sec Walkin’
    07 Two Halves
    08 Librarian
    09 Look at You
    10 Aluminum Park
    11 Remnants
    12 Smokin From Shootin
    13 Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 2
    14 Good Intentions

  • lkorn

    April Tracklist:

    “Lost Verses”
    “The Light”
    “Lucky Man”
    “Unlit Hallway”
    “Heron Blue”
    “Harper Road”
    “Tonight the Sky”
    “Like the River”
    “Tonight in Bilbao”
    “Blue Orchids”

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