Ghostland Observatory’s ROBOTIQUE MAJESTIQUE

It’s difficult to rate an album from a band that pulls both its audience and its appeal from live performances, but Robotique Majestique deserves some mention, brief though it may turn out to be.

Ghostland Observatory seems to be caught in a strange form of a Catch-22 — a situation many and most performing and touring bands must be in. I know of G.O. only because of their performance at Sasquatch! Music Festival last year, and this show proved to be the backbone of my enjoyment of their music. Having never heard their music before I saw them live, they had nothing to live up to and nothing to follow, in my eyes (and for my ears). But this time around, where I will have heard their studio album before seeing them on tour for the album itself, I can say that I’m a little… Not discouraged, but placing a large amount of faith on their live show.

Robotique, after only a few listens, has proven itself pure Ghostland, but lacks a certain vibe — for lack of a better word. Robotique is drifting towards a metal sound that resonates too present-day, which, though is appropriate enough, breaks too far away from their electronic base and is not quite their own. With that said, however, I am very much looking forward to seeing them perform again live and live up to the reputation they built (for me) last year.

*On Robotique Majestique: 5/10

*EDIT: My review is a positive one, it would seem. Pitchfork gave the album a humiliating 1.5. Yikes. To view the Pitchfork review, go to

Download Robotique Majestique!

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01. Opening Credits:

02. Heavy Heart:

03. No Place For Me:

04. Freeheart Lover:

05. Dancing on My Grave:

06. Robotique Majestique:

07. The Band Marches On:

08. Holy Ghost White Noise:

09. HFM:

10. Club Soda:

A look back at Ghostland’s previous album, Paparazzi Lightning:

Sad, Sad City:

Stranger Lover:

*Due to change.


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8 responses to “Ghostland Observatory’s ROBOTIQUE MAJESTIQUE

  • mcdufrechou

    Until I read the review, I thought this was Electronic Musique’s new album. Robotique Majestique? Come on.

  • lkorn

    You mean Electric Musique, right, Max? Ha, it is an appropriate name for one of Clark Magic’s albums, indeed.

  • mangold

    thanks for all the yousendit’s, once i get to my home computer i’ll be all over this.

  • max not logged in

    Lauren, you’re right. I always make that mistake.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Clark Magic is Jacob not Robert.

  • lkorn

    I’m pretty sure you’re wrong there, Max. Clark Magic is amongst us! We could ask Robert… Or just wait until he decides to visit this thread and read this conversation about him himself. I like that idea better.

  • robfunk


    Clark Magic is indeed me (aka Electric Musique). Jacob did give me the nickname, though. One of my songs was called “Dark Magic” and then Jacob said you should call it “Clark MAgic” and then a song called “Everyone Calls Me Clark Magic” was made.
    I’m glad Electric Musique has become a subject of discussion on OP and I will use this rare occasion to say I’m actually working on some legit stuff that I want to share when it’s ready – the sound quality won’t be great b/c of my recording devices, but you’ll get the idea. I’m also working on some mash ups for Scream Club (an Oly band) and have taken a song of theirs and featured Jay-Z on it. But, for the old school, I have put out three albums within the last month – so if you’re down for that…
    ‘Electric Musique Orchestra Presents’
    ‘This is for Evan: Part One of the Chronicles’
    and last night I recorded ‘Ten Thousand’… I like ‘Ten Thousand’ a lot.

  • king.klaptrap

    I know this post was from 5 months ago, but is there any chance the YouSendIt links for Robotique Majestique might be reposted?

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