Gnarls Barkley’s THE ODD COUPLE

As we all were present to witness my realization that leaked albums are not always quite the same as the released albums (Vampire Weekend), I’ve become a bit cautious about releasing pirated versions of said albums before their release dates. But I wanted to get this album to you guys if you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing it yet, so I’m going to post The Odd Couple as two track lists – the one I have, and the one that I’ve seen advertised on the WWW – and leave my review until the release of the album on April 8, 2008, hence “Part I”. If you want to use #2, just use the YouSendIts posted in Track List #1 and edit each song’s information to change the track number.

(Please inform Owl Pellets of any YouSendIt files that have expired; New links can be posted!)

Track List #1:

01. Charity Case:

02. Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?:

03. Goin’ On:

04. Run:

05. Would-Be Killer:

06. Open Book:

07. Whatever:

08. Surprise:

09. No Time Soon:

10. She Knows:

11. Blind Mary:

12. Neighbours:

13. A Little Better:

Track List #2:

01. Blind Mary
02. She Knows
03. No Time Soon
04. Whatever
05. Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?
06. Run
07. Would-Be Killer
08. Open Book
09. Goin’ On
10. Charity Case
11. Surprise
12. A Little Better
13. Neighbours

EDIT: The release date of The Odd Couple has been pushed up. To today. The album is out. Enjoy!


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6 responses to “Gnarls Barkley’s THE ODD COUPLE

  • patrick

    i still think it is a little fucked when people give away whole albums before they are released….

  • lkorn

    “A little fucked” in what sense, Patrick? Just a surprise-ruiner?

  • lkorn

    I get that. People can wait, though — No need to download if you don’t want to, if you want to wait.

  • bfnk

    Thanks for posting the album. We might want to be careful about releasing “pirated” stuff for a bit just because of the video that was recently made Private by WP, which remains strange. In any case, maybe just put a few songs up – like a sample and make the rest private? I dunno. If you think that sounds lame then… you know, I’m not too concerned about it.

    Patrick – pfff to you. Adds more excitement and buzz around a band, if you ask me? You know, to have people out there so exctied about the album

  • robfunk

    NM about the link thing – people seem to love them and really appreciate them.

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