Puppet Rapist

So, there is a short film festival in two days at LC. I came up short on finding out about it and having free time to enter it, but it got me talking to a good friend of mine. I told her about a Rumple in Time, the short film me and Robert (and Jacob) entered into a short film festival last summer. I had forgotten that she had seen our entry off of facebook. Based off the style of humor in our film, she recommended some short films to me made by her childhood friend and neighbor.

Well, they’re fantastic. There’s nothing better than short film festivals in my mind. So, I’m putting up one film told in five parts.

In a world where puppets and humans coexist, underground factions compete for domination. Peace has an unlikely hero, the Puppet Rapist.







These all come from waverly films. More of their work can be seen on their site, http://waverlyfilms.com/. I haven’t seen all of them, but, if you liked Puppet Rapist, I’d recommend ‘the werewolf solution’ and ‘I love my cat.’


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