Gnarls Barkley’s ELPUOC DDO EHT

When I originally posted my non-review review of Gnarls Barkley’s new album The Odd Couple, I attached a “Part I”, which I prematurely erased, thinking that I’d lost interest in fully reviewing the album (to give it a review review). Well, here’s Part II, in a form that I was not expecting. Cee Lo and Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley) have independently released a follow-up to their newest album, ELPUOC DDO EHT. Looks kind of familiar, right? Kind of like THE ODD COUPLE, in reverse? You got it. The boys have released their album for download (FREE) on their site, with the simple catch… That it’s reversed. I would take the time to YouSendIt the album to the masses, but fortunately, because it’s free, you can hit up the site yourselves and download directly from


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