I’m not sure how many of OP’s contributors are into the Showtime series, but I should think a recommedation from this contributor would suggest at least a look (or more). I will admit, however, that it took more than one episode to get hooked.

Centered around a police department’s forensic blood splatter analyst, gore is the basis for the show. But, oh! It’s so much more. The series is based on Darkly Dreaming Dexter, a novel by Jeff Lindsey… Something I didn’t know, myself, about the show. Dexter Morgan, like previously mentioned, is a blood splatter analyst in Miami, Florida played by Michael C. Hall. He’s a sociopath and was raised by a fellow Miami police officer that took him in when he was a child, and seeing said sociopath tendendies, taught Dexter to channel them… As a serial killer.

With Seasons 1 and 2 over, I am very much anticipating a third season, which is set to air in October 2008.

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4 responses to “Dexter

  • Claudia

    Thanks for answering my question even if I didn’t ask 🙂 I was searching for some info about the third season.
    I can’t wait. Too much time without Dexter.
    As for the books, I have read the first one before watching the series. I have to say that the first and second books are perfect. The third one was a disappointment for me though.
    Nice site! I just bookmarked it 🙂
    See you!

  • max not logged in

    I’ve heard before that this show is good.

    Is it comedy or drama?

    I’ve never seen it before. How do they pull off cop/killer without it being a bad cliche?

  • Korn

    The show is excellent.

    More drama, I think… A light-hearted drama, a deeply ironic or dark comedy — Depends on how you look at it.

    How do they pull of the cop/killer thing…? Hm… Without giving anything away (because I do want you guys to take a peek), I will say that investigations covered by the Miami PD (having to do with blood splatter) directly link Dexter to killings (not always having to do with him). Not only is Dexter trying to solve these cases, he’s trying to find the link between himself and the killer(s). No bad cliches here.

  • Korn

    LOS ANGELES – “Dexter” author Jeff Lindsay says the cameo he filmed for the Showtime series based on his work is intended to make a point: He loves the show.
    Why does he think there’s skepticism?
    “It’s Hollywood. Everybody knows Hollywood gets hold of wonderful ideas” and ruins them, Lindsay said.

    But the producers of Showtime’s “Dexter,” which stars Michael C. Hall, “really know what they’re doing,” Lindsay said.
    Lindsay plays the role of a vice detective guarding a hospital room, and makes his appearance Sunday just shy of halfway through the episode.

    The character of Dexter Morgan, a blood-spatter expert and killer who takes justice into his own hands, was introduced in Lindsay’s book “Darkly Dreaming Dexter.”

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