Some good new red band trailers

Here’s one for the Coen’s latest, Burn After Reading:

Amazing cast, right? Plus Pitt looks pretty hilarious.

This next one’s for the new Kevin Smith project. I normally wouldn’t be too excited, but he’s got Seth Rogen in the lead:

Let’s hope Smith redeems himself with this one.


2 responses to “Some good new red band trailers

  • robfunk

    The Coen one looks great – one hell of a cast.
    Seth Rogen looks funny, but I think Kevin Smith may be too much for him to carry… maybe.

  • Tony

    That Cohan bros. movie looks amazing, the Kevin Smith one I am torn because Seth Rogan is best in elements where he is able to improvise and what I’ve read and heard in interviews tells me that Kevin Smith isn’t too keen on that style of film-making so who knows, we could either have a new “clerks” or a just another “Jersey Girl” we will have to see.

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