5 Movies that will leave you needing a shower after watching…

So I figured since this is my first post on OP I would do what alot of my hero’s in the movie biz do, make something shocking! I figured if I really wanted peoples attention I would tell them where to watch movies that include (but aren’t limited to) rape, decapitations, incest, animal cruelty, human sacrifice, disembowelments and super masochism. Now I know what you are thinking, “Why Tony? Why put us through such torture?” Because fine friends, you are worth it.

5. Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist- A very well made and poignant documentary on performance artist, world-renowned “supermasochist”, and sufferer of Cystic Fibrosis, Bob Flannigan. As a movie it is heartbreaking, funny, and hopeful, however… during the acts of ‘self abuse’ that lead to Bob’s infamy (including a role in NIN’s “Happiness in slavery” video) we see mr. flannigan take a large metal ball in the rectum, used as a human toilet and doing things with a hammer and a board that will never make you look at carpentry the same way again…. Watch this flick.

4. Visitor q- Takashi Miike’s strange look at a dysfunctional middle class family, and a visitor and we watch as they self-destruct. I don’t want to tell much because it would be giving away too much, but the premise is, a father who is also a ex-reporter carries a mini-dv camera around w. him to show the world how fucked up his life has become, his son is subjected to horrible bullying which he takes out on his heroin addicted mother. By the time a odd 20-something hipster guy shows up (The Visitor) there isn’t one taboo they don’t break… Very disturbing piece of Japanese cinema, that repulses you as well as draws you in.

3. Cannibal Holocaust- What else can be said of Ruggero Deodato’s 1979 exploitation film (my fav. grindhouse film of all time) this movie will stick images in your head that will not leave for days. This is one of those movies where saying “It’s just a movie.” doesn’t work. If you can stomach Cannibal Holocaust, no other film will phase you.

2. Irreversible- Gasper Van Noe’s 2002 sophomore feature is a unsettling tale of revenge and sexual abuse. Which will leave you unable to breathe in the first 15 minutes, if you can stomach the gut-retching climax *which is at the beginning of the movie played in reverse ala’ ‘momento’* you are in for a horribly sad movie about the effects of sexual abuse and people’s reactions. Should be noted that if you are uncomfortable w. such topics THIS FILM SHOULD NOT BE WATCHED! It is that visceral that I have known people that have had to turn it off because of the abuse towards woman. The soundtrack (done by Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter) is like crowd-control it only makes it harder to watch and more of a unrelenting force of cinema.

1. Salo: The 120 days of Sodom- Wasn’t even able to sit all the way through this movie, especially scary if like me old white men scare you. It was this movie that made me think hostel was a disney movie.


So that’s it folks, really enjoy. I had some honorable mentions like, begotten, Viva la muerta, Funny Games, Aftermath, Nekromantic, The Guenue Pig Series, and the August Underground which I don’t even think I will watch, something about simulated snuff and sex w. dead children leads me to think I could spend that hour of time doing something like not watching Killjoy from Necrophagio eff a dead child… Just me though.

My next review will be of “P.S. I love you” now there is a fucked up movie folks.



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