Battle of the Best: Second Round of Voting!


I’ve called Bob Marley and The Wailers and The Rolling Stones as the winners of the last round of voting. I’ve also made an executive decision to bypass The Beatles vs U2 battle just to save our time and efforts.

Here’s an updated bracket – just click on the image.

The next round of battles and voting begins… NOW!

Led Zeppelin vs Prince and the Revolution


The Beach Boys vs The Arcade Fire


Bruce Springsteen vs Jimi Hendrix


21 responses to “Battle of the Best: Second Round of Voting!

  • evan

    arcade fire

  • robfunk

    As you can probably guess, due to the pictures I chose to put up on this post, (yes, I know, a bit biased) that I’m casting my vote for Zeppelin, The Arcade Fire, and THE BOSS.

    I’d like to encourage all the voters that follow this comment to vote for Bruce over Hendrix. Why? Here’s a couple of reasons:

    1. The Boss is a total American badass
    2. Bruce has had a much longer career…
    3. Bruce has been hailed as ‘the savior of rock and roll’
    4. He’s come back hard with his latest album ‘Magic’
    5. If you cast your vote for Hendrix you’re probably a dirty hippie… so stick that in your pipe and smoke it
    6. Bruce’s music makes you want to get off your ass and dance
    7. Bruce is an American hero and I am very sincere about that

    … I could go on, but I won’t…

  • quantumfairie

    arcade fire (though they’re still pretty young as far as bands go, both albums are absolutely epic).

  • evan

    haha, bob, i love how only 3 of your reasons have to do with the actual music.

  • robfunk

    ^ “Wow! Look at me! I can mess around on a guitar for a long time!” Hendrix once said.

    Now, The Boss can rock!

    and wait! He can still rock…

  • Tony

    Arcade Fire…

    And sorry Bob gonna have to go with Hendrix.


  • Korn

    Zeppelin. Easy win.

    The Beach Boys vs. Arcade Fire? What strange game have we created? Reluctantly, or perhaps not-so-much-so, Arcade Fire.

    Call me a dirty hippie, ’cause I’m voting for Hendrix.

  • dnour

    arcade fire

    Bruce Springsteen SUCKS!!

  • Tony

    I hear that you can’t start a fire with a spark.


  • robfunk

    Re: “The Beach Boys vs. Arcade Fire? What strange game have we created? Reluctantly, or perhaps not-so-much-so, Arcade Fire.”

    It’s just how the brackets worked out – the match ups were based on what seed the band was.

  • robfunk

    I’m willing to call Led Zeppelin and The Arcade Fire the winners for this round of voting… but I’m not sure about the Hendrix/Springsteen match-up. Hendrix has 4 votes and Springsteen has 2 – should I call this one?

  • vallee

    Led Zeppelin
    The Arcade Fire
    Bruce Springsteen

  • Emery


    ARCADE FIRE!? Seriously??? You’re eliminating one of the most influential groups–and a legend in so many ways in Brian Wilson–in favor of a band with one great album and a fair second, neither of which have stood the test of time like Pet Sounds? To say that the Beach Boys influenced the Arcade Fire would be a gross understatement. The harmonies, instrumental experimentation, vocal chanting all have roots in the Beach Boys.

    I’m by no means a classic rock apologist, but when you choose promising infants over storied legends, it seems awfully silly.

    And Springsteen for sure. Born in the USA over a druggie guitar god any day.

  • robfunk

    Matt, I completely understand your Beach Boys analysis and you’re probably right. I just think people are voting for who they prefer to listen to in that round (although I enjoy listening to both the Arcade Fire and the Beach Boys). Perhaps it is a testament to the future of the Arcade Fire and to what they have already done for music in our time.
    The only point I would disagree with you on is Neon Bible being a “fair second.”

    In other news, FUCK YEAH! Bruce and Jimi are now in a dead heat.

  • maryann

    Led Zeppelin
    Arcade Fire
    Hendrix and the Experience

  • evan

    so, bob, i know i’m biased ’cause i did vote for hendrix, but he was ahead two votes when you called the other two matchups, and now it’s 3 days later and he’s still ahead by one vote. i’d say it’s time to officially call this one for hendrix since the poll’s been open 5 days now, and the first was only open 2. it’s only fair.

  • Drew

    beach boys

  • bob

    Evan, first, I’ve been traveling for three days. Second, I’ve called the rounds when there has been a clear winner (like being up 5+ votes, which almost all the winning bands have been). Jimi is now up by 2 votes (which is totally sucktastic+++), so I’ll call it for him now – Jimi wins…. you all make me sick and I want to puke all over your faces you dirty, dirty, dirty hippies. Why don’t you go roll around in some leaves and talk about the color purple and go “waahh, wah, zip, zam, zoom, watchha” in an accurate attempt to mimic Hendrix.
    I can’t believe you lamezors overwhelmingly voted for AF and then voted down The BOSS!!! THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ BOSS!
    I hope you all get so drunk you fall asleep on a toilet and then a sewer alligator bites your ass off…. “FUCK AND SHIT!”

  • bob

    – Epilogue –

    It is because of people like you that Bush is president:

    “Stop the recount!”
    “But it’s so close…”
    “You shut up! No more counting of votes… I don’t care if it’s close and I don’t care about poor people!”

    So thanks. Thanks to all of you. Thanks for 8 miserable years; thanks for the war in Iraq; thanks for the Patriot Act; thanks for everything awful in the world. I hope you’re happy.

  • evan

    haha, sorry bob. you’re the only one i know who could connect those who vote for hendrix with those who vote for bush 🙂

    on a side note, how’d the trip go?

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