Eagle Vs. Shark

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but I haven’t even heard of it until today and I am a huge Conchords fan.. Good movie.

Also if you get a chance check out  Steven Coogan’s new BBC show “Saxondale” it’s brilliant.



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4 responses to “Eagle Vs. Shark

  • robfunk

    So Tony, have you seen Eagle vs Shark? It looks awesome – I too had no idea of its existence.

  • Tony

    Yeah sorry to not really add a review or anything I was in a hurry to write about it, yes I saw it and it was fantastic. It’s like a adult new zealand version of napoleon dynamite. Very good, I recommend every one watch it.

    “Foolish Sucka!”

  • robfunk

    So, better than Napoleon Dynamite, right? Could you provide a site or something that I could check it out on or will I have to download it or something like that?

  • mescalitodreams

    Yes. Their is a scene at the end that literally almost made me poop myself I laughed so hard.

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