And the Oscar goes to… Ledger?

There’s a lot of talk going around about it – I’ll have to wait till I actually see the film. It wouldn’t surprise me, however. Heath Ledger did get nominated for Broke Back and the reviews for his performance in the new Batman have been more than just positive.


2 responses to “And the Oscar goes to… Ledger?

  • mangold

    right now he’s the frontrunner for best supporting actor, but there’s a rumor that the studio might actually push for a best actor nom.

    and “dark knight” is being called the “godfather pt. II” of comic book films.

    which reminds me, i’ve got to buy my tickets. apparently most of the midnight showings have already sold out, and most theaters are now selling tickets for 3 am screenings. has this happened before? if it hasn’t i think the dark knight is about to shatter the opening day box office record.

  • Holden Caulfield

    Is this batman movie a continuation of the Katie Holmes batman movie? I hope Heath gets nominated he’s our generations James Dean.

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