OP’s 2008 Election Coverage (sort of): Episode 2

Check out Colbert’s “Project Make McCain Exciting.” After Obama secured the nomination Colbert issued this challenge:

… when Republican Presidential nominee John McCain addressed a crowd in Kenner, Louisiana on June 3, he did so in front of a green screen, thereby issuing a bold challenge to Americans to make him seem more exciting.

You can see the submitted videos by visiting Colbert Nation. A quick youtube search for “Project Make McCain Exciting” will come up with many more videos, so I encourage you to do that.

Here are two of my favorites:

Moving on, I’ve been watching The Onion‘s News Channel a lot, as of late. Here are a couple of my favorites that are fairly new:

I just had to put the following videos up. Obama spent the 4th of July in the best place he could: Montana.

“… Butte, America… one of the prettiest states in the country with some of the best people we’ve ever met. I want to thank your great Governor, Governor Schweitzer and the first lady…

This was Obama’s fourth visit to Montana. McCain has yet to visit… even once.


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