George Carlin, 12 May 1937-22 June 2008

george carlin

i figure since no one else has mentioned the 800 lb gorilla in the room that is the death of a comedy icon I will.

George Carlin was undoubtedly the greatest comedian of the last 50 years. I was raised on his hbo specials and to the day he died still qouted jokes of his to get a quick laugh. In fact two days before he died I did just that at a family bbq recounting his famous joke, “Reminds me of something my grand-daddy used to tell me. Go upstairs I’m gonna fuck yer grandmother.”

The thing that was amazing about the man was the fact that he could make me laugh from when I was 5 until now. Getting cheap laughs with a dirty joke or a tongue in cheek remark like, “You know what word you don’t hear alot, Pussy fart.” to his sometimes near flawless take on politics and religion. Never before has a comedian been so spot on with his observational humor than Mr. Carlin and it is this humble owl pellet’s author opinion that on June 22 2008 humanity got a little bit darker when George suffled off of this mortal coil. Rufus, you will be missed.



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