I wasn’t going to see this movie… I didn’t want to see this movie. But I did, and although my expectations were far below low, I was somewhat surprised and entertained. No, it wasn’t Oscar-worthy, but it was funny when it needed to be, and the star-studded (and comedic) cast pulled this movie out of the swamp that was its horrible plot line… Its mindless plot line.

Will Smith is John Hancock, a super hero (and immortal) human, supposedly the only one of his kind. A drunk bum and an asshole, Hancock “saves the day”, but usually leaving more harm and damage in his wake. After saving Ray (Jason Bateman) from an on-coming train, Hancock is made to realize his full potential. His new friendship with Ray, an unsuccessful public relations guy, leads not only to an admiring public but other “twists” that ultimately bring the movie down… But what can you expect?

Charlize Theron plays Ray’s wife, Mary; this reunion of Arrested Development characters Michael and Rita prompted a smile from me, and made the film a little more reputable than I first assumed. Plus, perhaps just a coincidence, a jail inmate resembling “White Power Bill” taunting his Power appeared in a few scenes that made me rethink the writer’s sense of humor – Maybe a bit more clever than meets the eye? Probably not, but we can pretend.

I give it a 5.5/10.


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