an Absolut world

A few weeks ago I received an email from the Kanye West street team (i.e. fan club) featuring a blog post by Kanye about a new marketing campaign he is a part of – well, he’s more of the overlord of this campaign than anything else.

Normally I wouldn’t post anything about a marketing campaign on OP, but this one, I thought, deserved attention just because this is Kanye’s (advertising) baby. Essentially, Kanye is the new face of Absolut vodka and the commercials are pretty funny.

The first ad that came out, In an Absolut world, was pretty good and you have to give Ye props for using a N.E.R.D. song over one of his own. The followup was, in my estimation much better and much more in Kanye’s style: Be Kanye.

Today, my friend in New York sent me a picture he took in a subway – for an alcohol advertising campaign, it’s pretty good:

UPDATE: ‘Be Kanye’ side effect: Kanye Fever


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