I Put On; Jandek

A beatiful music video: ‘I Put On’ by Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West. West’s featured verse is unique to his style, to say the least.

In other news, last Friday I attended Jandek with Ben of Mute with Stupefaction and Jacob (aka Jacob Quinn). If you’re not familiar with Jandek (I wasn’t until I found out tickets had been purchased on my behalf and decided to do a little research), Jandek is a cult figure in the world of music. Here’s a little summary about him from a documentary about him.

In any case, Jandek has been making music for decades (since 1978 he has recorded 53-some albums) and only began touring in 2004. His show in Denver on Friday was his first in the city.

The show was engrossing. Really, it was haunting. In just under two hours Jandek played maybe four or five songs and it just flew by.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about this show, I’m just going to tell you that if Jandek is coming to a place near you go to the show with an open mind and soul and afterwards you will feel more than transformed. Don’t even listen to his music before going, just know that it’s experimental, trying, and incredible.

Note: You may enjoy Ben’s review of the show, which you can find on his blog. Also, Jandek’s tour dates can be difficult to find, so you may have to do a little of your own research.

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