Just in: Gregg Gillis, Washington Post online discussion today!

Today, Gregg Gillis (aka “Girl Talk”) will be the focus/feature of a Washington Post discussion:

Gregg Gillis, who goes by the stage name Girl Talk, will be online Tuesday, July 29 at 3 p.m. ET to discuss his music, his new album, “Feed the Animals,” the process of finding and mixing samples for his songs and distributing the album online.

Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) used constituent Gillis, who lives in Pittsburgh, as an example of why sampling should be allowed under copyright law during a 2007 Congressional hearing.

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2 responses to “Just in: Gregg Gillis, Washington Post online discussion today!

  • Korn

    Thanks for posting this… Gillis seems like a guy very much in touch with the present stage of music and the direction it’s going. I think he makes a great point in believing that free music is one of the best ways to universalize and distribute music… Those that enjoy it will support the artist in one way or another, be it through merchandise or concert tickets.

    Not only is Gillis doing something the music industry hasn’t really seen in this magnitude before, but his audiences are getting a taste of music’s past and in some cases, how music today is so heavily influenced by it. “Feed the Animals” is still in my CD player, and I have a feeling that, after this album, Gillis will not only have a much larger fan base, but also more incentive to keep doin’ what he’s doin’.

  • Korn

    An afterthought: His concerts, more party than performance, are what I’m curious to see change. His sampling has gotten better are more fine-tuned with FTA, but I’m wondering how his live performances will benefit from this plunge into [and even larger] spotlight.

    I was going to try to post a link of a GT concert I went to, but it’s on the POS Boards, so I’m going to copy/paste it here; I hope you don’t mind…:

    So, I had the pleasure of seeing Girl Talk last night. It was an interesting experience. The show was on campus, in a “ballroom” in the new student center. The show sold out a couple of months ago, but judging by the space left “unoccupied” in the room, more tickets could’ve been sold (if, say, there weren’t fire codes and building regulations).

    The audience was one part mosh pit (up front, smashed against each other, on stage with Gillis), and one part glow-stick, trippy dancers (on the outskirts). I experienced both these audience-type extremes. I was in the mosh pit for about 3/4 of the show — Like the Beastie Boys concert this summer at Sasquatch!, this experience involved getting pushed around for an hour and a half, trying to pay attention to the music, but really fighting for your life… Except in this instance, I was surrounded by hipsters with neon clothing and gold jewelry, heavily Amer-Apparalized and Urban Outfitter-ized, seemingly the result of the concert, itself. Not a bad thing, I suppose. I myself wasn’t in a sober state, and because of this, didn’t mind having such a near-death experience. On the outskirts, though, the atmosphere was really chill – People tripping out on mollies, in awe of glowsticks, just dancing ’cause they were feeling something.

    The show itself, the music, was pretty great. The opening band, Vermont Union, wasn’t too impressive, but it got the crowd pumped for G.T. There were body guards/crowd controllers lining the front of the stage, and after the show started, I can understand why. Had they not been there, Gillis would have had a hell of a time doing his thing. The audience made the jump to the stage not far into the show, and because of this, Gillis was immediately surrounded by stumbling dancers. He took advantage of this though, and had a good time dancing and stumbling along. The show was great, but cut a bit short. It was advertised to go till one, and when the clock struck one, the lights went up. All in all, though, a wonderful concert-going experience.

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