Pineapple Express

Dir. David Gordon Green; Writ. Rogen, Goldberg, Apatow; Star. Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride, and Gary Cole

Another great comedy from Goldberg, Rogen, and Apatow.

I don’t think it was as funny as Superbad, but it’s the funniest movie of the summer.

Pineapple Express is like an Apatow Hot Fuzz in the building up to the conclusion. The less outlandish scenes in the beginning of the movie were the funniest. That’s where these guys’ comedic skill really shows, in the exaggeration of the relatable.

The movie is hilarious, especially in the beginning, while you watch a deadbeat Rogen and his drug dealer Franco hang around and freak out. In the end, it’s still funny, but it’s not the Apatow crew’s specialty.

Danny McBride performs greatly as Red. He really steals the show. McBride is the guy from the Fist Foot Way.

It’s good. Go see it. You should probably get stoned before hand.



2 responses to “Pineapple Express

  • robfunk

    Max, I completely agree with you. What makes their films (i.e. Knocked Up and Superbad) so good is their use of that which we can relate to. Your Hot Fuzz analogy was right on – it’s probably what through the movie into territory I wasn’t expecting – using their “relate to” humor and mashing it with over-the-top violence.

    Good stuff. 8/10 rating seems right.

  • evan

    8/10 for me too. hot fuzz definitely came to mind…

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